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Hi, we’re Blue State.

A partner to leading causes, companies, and campaigns. We’re here to hasten progress.

Blue State DC after packing 24,243 meals in four hours while volunteering with our client AARP.

Designers Ana, Joy, and Jay celebrating our 2019 rebrand on a Brooklyn rooftop.

When she’s not solving client challenges, Sweta can solve a Rubik’s cube in about three minutes.

Team London taking a break from fighting far-right extremism to fight pollution on the Thames.

We believe there is no force more powerful than people taking collective action on the things they care about.

Our (grass) roots taught us to think differently.

Blue State got its start on the campaign trail, pioneering the use of digital technology to open up the democratic process.

But the tools we built were destined to do even more good…

Like raising millions for nonprofits, passing legislation, and connecting consumers with brands.

Some of our Oakland team installing solar panels while volunteering for our client GRID Alternatives.

Out of this technology grew a different kind of agency.

Now we’re a tight-knit group of strategists, technologists, makers and producers across five cities, who partner with forward-thinking organizations to build a better world.

Style meets substance at Blue State London.

Our Values

make good trouble woman protesting illustration

Make good trouble.

When the status quo stands in the way of progress, we challenge it.

Be curious woman staring up illustration

Be curious.

We ask the tough questions and let the data lead to answers.

Put people first people with linked arms

Put people first.

We let the user guide the program, not the other way around.

drive real change car driving away illustration

Drive real change.

We obsess over outcomes and actions.

if you need it, built it woman on ladder illustration

If you need it, build it.

We make stuff that empowers people to act on the things they care about.

walk the walk, two people walking illustration

Walk the walk.

Progress starts with us: our diversity, inclusion, and commitment to values over profits.

Employee fact generator

Is Blue State your first agency?

47% 53%

Have you worked at a charity or nonprofit?

31% 64%

Have you worked or volunteered on a political campaign?

45% 55%

Do you have a pet?

43% 57%

Can you speak more than one language?

55% 45%

Do you play a musical instrument?

36% 64%

Do you make your own Halloween costume?

52% 48%

Have you been to a march, rally, or protest in the past year?

75% 25%

Have you ever been skydiving?

11% 89%

Have you ever played a competitive sport?

80% 20%

Have you ever performed on a stage?

80% 20%

Have you ever worked at a cafe or restaurant?

53% 47%

Are you more of a night owl than a morning person?

55% 45%
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