We believe there’s no force more powerful than people taking collective action on the things they care about. When an organization wants to mobilize people around a common purpose, they come to us.

We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we know where to find them: in people. We listen, learn, and uncover new insights that often surprise us and our clients — and move us toward better results. 

Blue State got its start on the campaign trail, pioneering the use of digital to open up the democratic process. Our new approach caught on, and we set out to do more good: raising millions more for nonprofits, shaping legislation and public opinion, and connecting consumers with brands. While our approach is continually evolving, our ethos has never changed:

Make good trouble.

When the status quo stands in the way of progress, we challenge it.

Be curious.

We ask the tough questions and let the data lead to answers.

Put people first.

We let the user drive the program, not the other way around.

Drive real change.

We obsess over outcomes and actions.

If you need it, build it.

We make stuff that empowers people to act on the things they care about.

Walk the walk.

Progress starts with us: our diversity, inclusion, and commitment to values over profits.

More than agency partners, Blue Staters are people for progress.