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Sierra Club

Turning individual advocacy into collective change

The Challenge

Create a digital platform to supercharge grassroots environmental advocacy.

The Insight

Given the wide range of environmental issues and activists, a highly personalized journey is required to maximize participation.

The Solution

The AddUp platform has powered hundreds of campaigns and millions of advocacy actions while maintaining an incredible 54% action rate.

Over the last 120 years, the Sierra Club has grown from an intimate group of hiking enthusiasts in the Sierra Nevadas to a global community of more than two million supporters working to solve the most crucial environmental issues of our time. Sierra Club came to Blue State Digital in 2013 with a vision: invent a platform to accelerate grassroots environmentalism for the digital age.

A new phase of digital advocacy

The result is AddUp, a digital platform that ushers in the future of digital advocacy, blending the dynamics of grassroots organizing with the power of big data, predictive recommendations, and integrated social sharing to mobilize more people and facilitate collective impact.

Millions of people want to see our environment protected, but might not know where to start. We’ve invested in building this new tool because we want to show how easy it is to take action, and how individual actions can add up to real, meaningful change.

Chris Thomas, former Chief Innovation Officer, Sierra Club

Making it personal with predictive analytics

AddUp uses a predictive recommendation engine to recommend campaigns based on what’s trending, as well as the supporter’s location, personal interests, and — most importantly — previous actions. With each petition signed, tweet posted, friend recruited, or rally attended, AddUp continuously gets better at suggesting next steps and deepening the supporter’s involvement.

The platform makes it easy for users to recruit their Facebook friends who might share the same interests.

AddUp visually demonstrates how individual actions add up to collective, real-world results by quantifying actions taken — and guides people to where their focus is needed next.


  • 140+ advocacy campaigns
  • 54% active users
  • 3M+ actions taken

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