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Helping UNICEF reach more children

The Challenge

How do you go beyond moment-to-moment fundraising to drive long-term, exponential growth?

The Insight

Meet and exceed donors’ expectations by delivering personalized and frictionless experiences that tell a deeper story and set the organization apart.

The Solution

We helped build an infrastructure that could engage supporters in authentic storytelling tailored to their individual needs, thereby tripling fundraising revenue and laying a foundation upon which UNICEF USA could grow.

A long-term digital transformation

UNICEF is the world’s largest charity for children, working in more than 190 countries. UNICEF USA, which aids the organization’s global work through fundraising, advocacy and education, came to Blue State with ambitious goals: a new strategy, creative vision, and tech infrastructure.

Increasing conversions and retention with a narrative of hope

We shifted the tone of UNICEF USA’s emails to strike a balance between urgency and progress. We focused on real-world impact by showing where the dollars go. Through testing a range of messaging and giving models, we landed on stronger motivators that shaped our strategy and continue to drive growth.

Putting donors at the center

We set out to design experiences to match the motivations, entry points, and mindsets of the supporter. We segmented our list and developed messaging that delivered on their interests and personal history with the organization. Quizzes and games deepened engagement and shifted the focus to be more donor-centric. Detailed communications planning allowed us to continuously roll out these programs between responses to cultural moments or emergencies, such as Mother’s Day, Giving Tuesday, Hurricane Matthew relief, or match campaigns.

Rapidly responding to crises

When a disaster strikes anywhere in the world, leaving children in need of immediate aid, our challenge is simple: go out as quickly as possible and raise as much money as possible. From gas attacks in Syria to destructive earthquakes in Nepal, we have dispatched communications within hours of every major disaster, raising tens of millions in revenue to help UNICEF respond.


  • 2X+ Email revenue in less than 3 years
  • $1M+ Email revenue growth year over year

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