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Diversity & Inclusion

Progress starts here, with us.

We’re in the business of building movements that challenge the status quo.

To do it well, we need people from all backgrounds — especially underrepresented backgrounds. This includes ethnic and gender diversity, but also diverse experiences like where we’re from, what we’ve done professionally, who we go home to, whether partners or children, and so much more.

At Blue State, we’re consistently looking inward to see how we can do better. It’s a process that starts with holding ourselves accountable. Here’s a look at who we are today, and what we’re doing to build an even more inclusive community grounded in mutual respect, compassion, and learning.

Representation among ethnicities

Diversity of backgrounds brings diversity of thought.

Other Multi Black Latinx or Hispanic Asian White
US Population 1% 2% 13% 18% 6% 60%
Tech Company 2% 3% 5% 7% 29% 54%
Advertising, PR and Related Companies 0% 0% 5% 9% 8% 78%
Blue State 1% 4% 7% 9% 12% 67%
Blue State Leadership 0% 3% 5% 3% 8% 82%

Gender Breakdown

Change can’t happen if everyone doesn’t have a seat at the table.

Female Male Non-Binary
Blue State 1% 43% 56%
Blue State Leadership 0% 56% 44%
Tech Companies 0% 65% 35%
Advertising, PR and Related Services 0% 49% 51%

Sexual orientation and gender identity

Love is love, and it’s worth celebrating.

  • 17.01% LGBTQIA
  • 3.4% Prefer not to say
  • 79.59% Non-LGBTQIA
  • 17.01% LGBTQIA
  • 3.4% Prefer not to say
  • 79.59% Non-LGBTQIA

Parents and Families

The work we do at home is just as important as what we do in the office.

Blue State gives employees the space and support to take care of our needs outside of work. I'm able to fully show up for my children when they need me for doctor visits, special occasions, and everything in between, and that allows me to fully show up for my work. When they visit the Blue State office for holiday parties and Bring Your Child to Work Day, my son and daughter feel welcomed by my colleagues and proud of the work we do.

Shannon Green, Legal Counsel
  • 22% of our staff are parents.
  • 5% who care for a family member at home.
  • 652 wks of paid parental leave taken.

Immigration history

Our stories are shaped by where we come from.

Blue Staters
Image map of Blue Staters
Parents of Blue Staters
Image map of Parents of Blue Staters
Grandparents of Blue Staters
Image map of Grandparents of Blue Staters

So, how do we grow from here?

We have more work to do to become the most diverse company we’d like to be. That’s why we need you. Tell us what you’ll bring to the table.

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