Last year we took our cameras around the country, and our work was seen in 50+ countries around the world. From complex productions that took a few months to plan to scrappier ones that came to fruition in just a few days, we’ve helped our clients tell their stories in a range of formats – from 7-minute mini documentaries to 30-second CTV ads. 

For many of our clients, video poses an enormous opportunity. Whether the goal is to build community among existing supporters or bring in new ones, a strong video strategy can take any program to the next level. 

So with that in mind, here are some tips we’re telling clients about integrating video into their 2024 programs.

Tip #1: CTV ads are a great tool for leading cause organizations.

CTV spend is on the rise as it gains recognition as an effective fundraising tool. We created and tested two video creative variations across UNICEF USA’s audiences.

Watch “This is not an ad” and “Child’s Laugh.”

Tip #2: Illustrated animations are a useful medium for international audiences.

We created an illustrated explainer for Doctors Without Borders that stretched their brand to reach new audiences. Local offices around the world were eager to translate and caption the video into multiple languages.

Tip #3: Short-form video is a highly effective fundraising tool for Giving Tuesday.

For Giving Tuesday, we created a video for Doctors Without Borders that highlighted quotes from supporters and footage from the field—showing the tangible connection between donor support and work on the ground. This video raised well above average for a cultivation message.

Tip #4: A day-in-the-life video humanizes an organization’s mission.

To channel the mission of Code2College, we worked with our client Grow With Google to identify and document one student’s journey. The focus on one student gave us a strong POV to root the story in a variety of themes.

Tip #5: Break the stale mold for political launch videos.

To launch Senator Elizabeth Warren’s re-election campaign, we reimagined the traditional launch video. Instead of centering the candidate, our video lifts up the voices of long-time supporters. Instead of focusing on the candidate’s biography, our video celebrates the movement’s accomplishments and puts forth an energizing agenda.

We love working with our clients to find the best video storytelling approach to meet their creative needs, budgets, and timelines. Limitations provide us with creative inspiration! If you want to chat video, please reach out.