The Audre Lorde Project: A LGBTSTGNC People of Color center for community organizing in the New York City area that is committed to progressive social and economic justice. 

Black Youth Project 100: A group of Black youth activists that was born outside of Chicago in 2013, dedicated to grassroots organizing and community mobilization.

Black Visions Collective: Since 2017, this organization has been building movements across the state of Minnesota to empower sustainable policies that prioritize Black communities. 

BOLD (Black Organizing for Leadership and Dignity): A national leadership training program that aims to help rebuild and empower Black movements by training a network of Black leaders.

Campaign Zero: A movement committed to ending police violence through data-driven policy solutions.

Center for Policing Equity: A group of researchers, race experts, and community trainers dedicated to building equitable police systems across the country.

Color of Change: The largest online racial justice organization, they help sway corporations and government entities to create a more just world for Black people in America. 

Collective PAC: A group working to fix the underrepresentation in our political system of Black Americans to reach political equity. 

Community Bail Funds: A collection of bail funds spanning from Minnesota to Memphis that help pay bails for those incarcerated and provide assistance post-release.

Equal Justice Initiative: A nonprofit organization committed to ending mass incarceration, fighting for racial and economic justice, and protecting the basic human rights of our country’s must vulnerable. 

Higher Heights for America: The only national organization of its kind, a group dedicated to expanding Black women’s representation throughout our political systems. 

Highlander Research and Education Center: An organization based in the South and Appalachia that is fighting for justice, equality, and sustainability through means of popular education, language justice, and intergenerational organizing. 

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights: Founded in 1950, the coalition is the nation’s oldest and largest civil and human rights group, pushing for progressive change to protect all Americans. 

Runnymeade: A race equality think tank based in the UK, they’re challenging inequalities through research, network building and political engagement. 

Southern Poverty Law Center: The SPLC uses litigation and education to fight hate and seek justice for vulnerable members of American society. 

For more Black-led nonprofits that are making a difference, check out this list. If you’re looking for other organizations working to support and protect Black, Indigenous, and POC LGBTQ+ lives, click here.