Happy Lunar New Year from Blue State!

We come to this year’s celebrations with a bit more reserve — our gatherings might be virtual; our feasts a bit less decadent; our hearts a little heavier. 

Throughout the pandemic and to rising escalation, we’ve seen the increased xenophobia and racist violence perpetrated towards our AAPI communities — most recently towards our elders.

As a community, we have much to celebrate — our resilience, our heritage, our bonds. But, we also have work to do. Our tendencies to self-tokenize and lean into the model minority script — keeping our heads down and working hard — are beginning to break down in the face of terror and unmasked hate. We cannot stay silent. We also cannot fall victim to the traps that would like us to turn on other communities of color. And, we can no longer be used as a tool to perpetuate white supremacy and the continued justification for police violence.

So this New Year, as we embark on new beginnings and honor our elders and ancestors, let us remember those who have been harmed and lost, including Vincent Chin, Christian Hall, Ryo Oyamada, Vicha Ratanapakdee, and so many others — and continue to fight. 

Let us also honor our activist leaders such as Mike Murase and Nellie Wong, and ancestors such as Yuri Kochiyama, Fred Korematsu, and Grace Lee Boggs, and continue their legacy by dismantling systems of oppression that bring down all people of color.

Here are some resources on how you can educate and support:

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