The last 12 months have been, well, unprecedented. Nothing else describes it, and there’s no wonder the word ‘unprecedented’ has been used an unprecedented number of times.

With many organisations currently planning FY21/22, and speculation about the shape of fundraising programmes as the vaccine rollout unfolds, we decided to survey a representative sample of individuals in the UK to help our clients and networks understand where audiences are, and how to meet them.

A representative sample of 1,494 responses were gathered and analysed, altogether shaping a message charities in the UK need to hear. The year ahead will not be a return to business as usual, as many would like. There are continual challenges, as well as opportunities for some, especially those who are willing to invest in new content that works for a more diverse audience, and speaks to the challenges and feelings experienced in our communities. Some of our key findings include:

  • 18% of those surveyed started giving or increased their donations to their local communities since the pandemic
  • Only 7% increased donations to help people in developing countries
  • Younger segments are more likely to increase their donations or start giving during the pandemic
  • 1 in 5 Brits who used to give in face-to-face say they might not do it again 

The report considers the implications of these and what charities can do to evolve their fundraising to the new world we live in.