At BSD, we really like Slack. We Slack to coordinate lunch orders; we share photos of our kids and puppies — but most importantly, we Slack about creative work. This week, Brenna Foster (Strategist), Dan Thain (Creative Director), and Will Moyle (Analyst) chatted about a fun Heifer International engagement strategy that invited the audience to get the “cutest baby goat in the world” named after them.

Heifer International is a global nonprofit that aims to end hunger and poverty. They work with families in need, providing livestock like cows, goats, and sheep to improve nutrition and incomes.

Q: What exactly was this udder-ly ridiculous strategy?

Q: How did the “fund grazing” go? ?

Q: Did it “bleat” our expectations?

Q: So who was the big winner of the G.O.A.T (Greatest sweepstakes Of All Time)?

Find out more about our work with Heifer International in our case study.

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