Tomorrow marks a historic milestone for the marriage equality movement.

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the cases that could end marriage discrimination at the federal level for same-sex couples across the country. After April 28, the Justices will begin deliberations, and until they reach a decision, it’s a waiting game.

So now is the time to show the Supreme Court that, once and for all, this country is ready for the freedom to marry for all Americans.

Along with our partner Freedom to Marry, we’re asking supporters to speak up on their social media platform of choice—through art, song, dance, selfies, or a short video—using the rallying cry #LoveMustWin.

This campaign is more than a hashtag, though. It’s a chance for people to raise their voices in support of marriage in whatever way they choose, posting their own unique creations that express what #LoveMustWin means to them:


Even celebrities are picking up the hashtag. There’s lots of other great content to check out on the #LoveMustWin page—be prepared to get emotional.

Of course, this campaign is also near and dear to our hearts here at BSD, and our offices are getting into the #LoveMustWin spirit, from LA to NYC, and even in DC on the steps of the Supreme Court itself (hey, RBG!):

Without the freedom to marry, same-sex couples and their families face serious harms and injustices. Now, finally, the question of whether same-sex couples everywhere can marry will have its day before our nation’s highest court. Their decision can begin to right the wrongs inflicted upon generations of gay Americans.

This could be the final chapter of a years-long fight, and there can be no question about it: Love Must Win.

Visit the #LoveMustWin page to see the campaign and get involved.