Netlify’s agency partner program officially launches today. At Blue State, we’ve been working with Netlify since their early days and have taken full advantage of the ability to stand up new websites and apps in minutes, and then iterate on them, all without worrying about whether developers could get their code released easily, or if the site could handle an influx of visitors from a successful email blast.

At first, we built landing pages, microsites, and engagement tools like quizzes on Netlify – things that don’t have complex content requirements and which benefit from fast page loads and the responsiveness of a front-end app. As the “JAMstack” model of website development has expanded beyond these simple apps, and with the advent of “headless” or “decoupled” content management systems, we’ve been able to build richer, more dynamic experiences as well – including a prototype for a highly-interactive, data-driven mapping tool for a Four Paws, UK animal welfare nonprofit.

With partners like Netlify, we don’t need a devops team. Performance and security come from the sheer simplicity of the platform, while the built-in development tools and continuous integration workflow mean our developers can focus on building great products, rather than moving code around or wrangling complex build processes.

We look forward to our continued partnership with Netlify as we constantly strive for ways to deliver fast, secure, rapidly-evolving platforms for our clients.

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