Roe v. Wade was never enough to guarantee access to abortion to everyone who needed it, but it was the safeguard relied upon to combat countless pieces of legislation aimed at chipping away rights and access at the state level. We’ve known its undoing was all but certain since the Dobbs v. Jackson oral arguments last December, but there’s no preparing for how it feels to have this right ripped away from us overnight. Nor will we recover anytime soon from the suffering and pain that this Supreme Court is cruelly and wrongly administering.

Many of our clients – the ones who are not working in the repro space – have expressed uncertainty about how best to show up at this moment. Our advice: Be clear about your position first with your staff, and then consider the right way to communicate it externally. We understand it can feel intimidating to weigh in on an issue that feels outside your lane, but there is no such thing as “outside your lane” when it comes to the bodily autonomy of (hopefully) half of your staff and audience. 

And when you share your position, say the word “abortion” – again and again and again. For those who have had an abortion, have had a partner have an abortion, or may one day seek out an abortion – hearing the word said aloud, without shame, by organizations and figures they respect, carries tremendous healing power. It helps destigmatize abortion, and it’s one of the easiest things you can do.

Beyond making your position clear, now is the time to back up those words with concrete actions. Whether you’re an individual or an organization looking to channel your anger into action, here’s a list of resources we’ve put together for how to help. It’s by no means comprehensive, but hopefully it’s a helpful starting point that we’ll continue to update as we learn more from our trusted client partners fighting for our reproductive freedom. 

Regularly Updated Information on How to Access Abortion Care: 

  • I Need An A
    • This resource helps individuals understand their options, personalized to their area. This website is updated daily. 
  • Abortion Finder
    • The most comprehensive database of abortion service providers in the country 
  • PLAN C 
    • Information about abortion pills by mail and self-managed abortion
  • Abortion Funds 
    • Need help paying for an abortion? Go here. 

Fund Local Access to Abortion:

  • Donations 4 Abortion 
    • Donate to an abortion fund in your local community to directly support people seeking abortion care. Consider setting up a recurring monthly donation.
  • Keep Our Clinics
    • Donate to keep independent abortion clinics open. Independent clinics have served three out of every five patients in the U.S. each year who have an abortion.

Support Abortion Seekers Forced to Travel Out of State: 

  • Elevated Access
    • Elevate Access is a network of volunteer pilots flying individuals seeking abortion care to states where they can access the care they need. 
  • The Brigid Alliance 
    • The Brigid Alliance coordinates and funds any expenses associated with individuals forced to travel in order to obtain abortion care, including travel, travel expenses and childcare.  

Mobilize for Change at the Federal and Local Level:

  • Contact your members of Congress 
    • Urge our lawmakers to enact federal abortion protections. 
  • Text NARAL to 59791
    • Support pro-choice candidates up and down the ballot with NARAL Pro-Choice America. 
  • Contact your governor 
    • Urge your governor to protect and expand access to abortion in your state.

Volunteer Your Time Nationally and Locally

  • Volunteer for Planned Parenthood  
    • Choose how you want to help Planned Parenthood, whenever you have time.
  • Help a clinic in your community
    • Look up your local clinic and ask if they need clinic escorts or other support

Support the Organizations Fighting the Legal Battles

  • Repro Rights 
    • The Center for Reproductive Rights is the only global legal advocacy organization dedicated to reproductive rights, with expertise in both U.S. constitutional and international human rights law.
  • ACLU  
    • The ACLU works in courts, legislatures, and communities to defend and preserve individual rights and liberties.

Show Your Solidarity: