Download: UK Giving Behaviours Report 2023

2022 was a record breaking year for fundraising in the UK, while 2023 is making many fundraisers re-evaluate their programmes to respond to the current giving landspace. To help the sector, Blue State surveyed 1,540 individuals in the UK to understand broad trends in giving, what organisations can do to navigate these challenges, and how to find new donors through a difficult environment. Two key findings include:

  • 20% of Brits intend to donate more to charity in 2023 than in 2022 – rising to 24% for households in London, 25% for people with over £75,000 in yearly household income, and 53% for British Muslims.
  • But 1 in 5 people are not planning to donate to charities at all in 2023

The short answer to addressing the challenges we highlight – the cost of living crisis doesn’t have to be a ‘cost of giving crisis’ if you focus on the right people and asks. Download the report for the result now.

We’ll be hosting a webinar to discuss the key findings with panelists including UNHCR and Save The Children on the 29th June 2023 – to sign up, click here.