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Movember Foundation

Raising millions for men’s health issues

The Challenge

Spreading awareness and raising funds for men’s health issues in a competitive digital advertising space

The Insight

Analysing donor behaviour to build out profiles and determine how to reach specific audiences on a global scale

The Solution

Constant campaign optimisation and adapting based on real-time data led to audiences being converted

The Movember Foundation has worked tirelessly over the past decade to stop men dying too young. Male cancer rates are on the rise, and half a million men are taking their own life each year — that’s one every minute. 

Blue State partnered with the Movember Foundation to accelerate and run their global digital fundraising programme, ultimately driving fundraiser signups and raising money. As fundraisers and donors had historically been acquired via email marketing and referrals, at Blue State, we were excited to explore acquisition through a blend of social and programmatic advertising.

Targeting a specific demographic

To understand who we should focus on reaching, we conducted a deep analysis of Movember’s donors and signups from the past four years, looking at fundraising averages by gender, product and market. We then broke out audiences even more granularly to understand the differences between our high-value, low-value and inactive audiences. 

This enabled us to understand the value of signups after the point of acquisition. We didn’t just want to secure cheap conversions — we wanted to understand how valuable those conversions would be in the long run and weigh our investment accordingly. Because of this, we were willing to run media at a higher cost in order to acquire high-value fundraisers who will stay with the organisation for years to come.

Testing and optimising, constantly

Rather than “launch and leave” our campaign, we optimised it throughout, making creative and strategic decisions based on real-time data. In total, we launched over 6,000 different ads across our signup and donate campaigns, helping us stretch our client’s budget as far as possible to deliver the best possible results. It was this optimisation that helped us increase the number of signups by 54% YoY, and donations by 63% YoY, while making efficiencies on the previous year’s total budget.

Making technology work harder

Thanks in part to our focus on retargeting, we beat our highest acquisition target by 33%. Not only do these additional fundraisers reflect additional revenue for Movember programmes, they also represent a revitalised fundraiser pool that can keep the momentum going and help raise awareness for future campaigns. And thanks to our landing page optimisations, Movember forecasts that they’ll raise millions more in subsequent campaigns.


  • $10m raised by donors and fundraisers acquired through the campaign
  • 52,913 signups generated
  • 111,988 donations made
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