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Mercy Corps

We Won't Stop Campaign

The Challenge

Engage existing and new supporters to take action to support those impacted by the Gaza crisis.

The Insight

Collaborate with the team on the ground to create content and shape a rapid response donor engagement moment.

The Solution

A multi-media content series documenting Mercy Corps’ mission to deliver aid supplies to civilians in Gaza.

Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians working together on the front lines of today’s biggest crises to create a future of possibility across 40+ countries. The organization’s 6,000+ team members work side by side with people living through poverty, disaster, violent conflict, and the acute impacts of climate change to drive global change through local impact.

We’ve been working with the organization for the last four years as their digital agency of record, most recently helping to amplify their support work in Gaza.

Let aid in 

Since the escalation of the war in Gaza began in October, audiences have shown tremendous generosity and have been keen to further offer their support to those impacted by the crisis. 

With little humanitarian aid getting into Gaza and up to half of the population (estimated 1.1m people) facing starvation, Mercy Corps was seeking to deliver as many food kits as possible to families across the Rafah border, providing an opportunity to show audiences how their donations could and were having a direct contribution to those impacted.

With this experience, we were aiming to:

  • Steward and engage current donors to grow lifetime value
  • Reach new prospects through paid and organic promotion
  • Educate audiences about Mercy Corps’ team and impact

We prepared a list of creative guidelines for photo and video direction as it was being gathered on the ground allowing us to produce a content series across paid media and email with Mercy Corps team members telling the story of how over 1,300 food kits were being delivered to families in Gaza  and inviting audiences to sign the pledge for a ceasefire. 

Rapid response social and email creative

Documenting the delivery of aid offered a chance to tell a new chapter in our ongoing story about the situation in the Middle East and Mercy Corps’ response in Gaza in particular. Up to this point we had primarily shared updates on the current conditions for civilians in Gaza, acknowledged that delivering aid has been virtually impossible, and called for an end to hostilities. Now we could show audiences just what delivering aid looks like — the work, the challenges, and the payoff when families can secure desperately needed supplies.

Our activity linked to a video created by the Mercy Corps team showing the aid being packed in Amman Jordan before it was transported to Egypt and trucked across the border into Gaza for distribution. 

Assembled from raw photos, direct quotes, and stories from Mercy Corps team members on the ground, the creative provided a first-hand look at the devastation unfolding, creating an emotional connection between Palestinian humanitarian workers and donors.

Paid activity ran across Meta and Instagram with formats designed to take audiences on a journey from awareness to advocacy and/or donation. Our goal was to drive awareness amongst existing and potential new supporters and translate this into signatures calling for a ceasefire and further funds for those impacted by the Gaza crisis.


  • 20k signatures (new to list) for ceasefire petition
  • $100k raised across social & email
  • 750 first time donors from paid content
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