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Strategy & Research Fellow

Uncover insights that help solve the world’s biggest challenges and drive positive progress in society.

What to know


The Blue State fellowship is a 6-month program designed to give you the skills, mentorship and hands-on client experiences to pursue a career at a creative agency, nonprofit, or political campaign — or to join Blue State full time as an associate staff member.  

As a fellow, you’ll develop expertise in a primary and a secondary focus area. This fellowship offers a primary focus in strategy, but you will also have the option to pursue a complimentary secondary focus.

The Role


We are looking for a Strategy & Research Fellow to join our Strategy Team, in an exciting role designed to immerse you in different elements of digital strategy & research. From conducting audience research into diverse groups of people, to briefing teams on emerging fundraising trends, to supporting the reporting of our creative campaigns, this role will provide you with the tools, skills and hands-on experiences to support progressive causes and campaigns driving real change on meaningful issues.

You’ll have the opportunity to work across a diverse range of clients and research topics, primarily focused on our nonprofit fundraising work. On a typical day, you may be asked to map the landscape of environmental nonprofits, lead background research on prospective clients, analyze email performance to make recommendations for future campaigns, or synthesize themes from interviews with client stakeholders To see some of our work in practice, check out our work with Covenant House, UNICEF USA, and AARP.

This role is suited for someone who has a knack for picking up on patterns and trends, and enjoys diving deep into context. If you are passionate about the digital world, thrive on variety, diversity, and challenge, and have a genuine curiosity for what drives human behavior, this role might be a fit. You can expect to be involved in a mix of the following:


  • Insights & recommendations: synthesizing findings from email, SMS and website and drawing attention to key insights, as well as recommendations for the internal and client teams
  • Analysis and reporting: contributing to the analysis of quantitative and qualitative research data, and preparing reports and presentations for internal and client audiences
  • Primary research: contributing to the development of various primary research activities – writing questionnaires, selecting the right audience, building the studies using various research tools, and supporting the team in focus groups or stakeholder meetings
  • Secondary research: leveraging the online tools we have available, you will dig into existing datasets to find relevant insights, including social listening tools that allow you to monitor and analyze public online conversations, audience profiling tools that enable you to segment and understand the behaviors and attitudes of different groups of people, as well as desk research to understand competitors, topics, and trends
  • Wider project activities: participating in creative QA, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and overall project delivery 
  • Juggling multiple projects: supporting diverse range of teams and client briefs, prioritizing effectively (with the help of your manager) and managing deadlines 
  • Working collaboratively: partnering with other internal or external teams, be it other strategists, account directors, communications experts or analysts to make sure together we produce strategies, campaigns, and creative ideas informed by data and research 


At Blue State, diversity is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. We encourage those from underrepresented communities — women, people of color, LGBTQIA+, immigrants, indigenous folks, those with disabilities and people at all the intersections in between — to apply for this position. Even if you don’t feel like your current skill set checks every box, if you’re committed to learning and doing work that matters, we want to hear from you. 

Top things we're looking for


  • Hands-on experience in research, either in academic or professional context, where you’ve successfully conducted research, analyzed data, and provided insights and recommendations based on it
  • A curious, organized, methodical, and proactive mind. You like to use substantiated data to both identify and solve problems, rather than trust your gut alone. And you can explain your work clearly both in person and in writing with strong communication skills
  • Comfortable with data and numbers and able to interpret them. Data analysis skills in Excel or Google Sheets are essential
  • Interest or experience in digital (websites, social media, email marketing, content creation)
  • Open to learning new methodologies and contributing to a growing, innovative research practice and a team of seasoned strategists always looking to improve and push the boundaries
  • Passion or background in marketing, digital communications, psychology, sociology, behavioral science and/or other relevant social sciences fields is a plus
  • Interest or experience working with nonprofits like UNICEF or Planned Parenthood to understand public behaviors and attitudes



Please submit your resume through our application and also include 2 short statements (approximately 300 words or less) based on the prompts below:

At Blue State, we’re motivated by a few things in life: progress, empowerment, and people. Tell us your story and what shaped you into who you are and what you value. 

Why are you interested in working at Blue State and what do you hope to learn?

The Strategy Team


Good strategy is about taking the best possible journey to your ultimate destination and our Strategy Team is focused on plotting that course for our clients. Our team spans across many offices, but works closely with local cross-disciplinary teams to tackle big problems for a variety of clients.


For us, this isn’t just work. Everything we do is connected to something we care about and we’re seeking an individual willing to work enthusiastically to create positive change in the world.

The Company 

Blue State is the purpose-driven creative and tech agency for brands and causes looking to inspire people to take action. With clients including the AARP, Google, UNICEF, JDRF, and Colgate. Blue State cultivates communities, builds platforms, and transforms how organizations engage their most important people. Led by some of the most creative and analytical minds from the political, nonprofit, and brand worlds, Blue State is a part of WPP and has more than 150 employees across five offices.

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