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Strategy & Research Associate

Uncover insights that help solve the world’s biggest challenges and drive positive progress in society.


The role

We are looking for a Research Associate to join our Strategy Team, an exciting role designed to immerse you in different elements of our work. From conducting audience research into diverse groups and social issues, to supporting the planning of our creative campaigns, this role will provide you with experience of what it’s like to work at a company seeking to solve the world’s biggest challenges and drive positive progress in society.

In London, you’ll have the opportunity to work across a diverse range of clients and research topics. For example, you may be asked to map the landscape of organisations driving action to combat the climate emergency, run qualitative and quantitative studies to identify fundraising trends across different countries, research the sentiment and perceptions of food shortages in the UK to help a supermarket know how they can best support communities with their CSR work, or conduct creative tests that help us find the most impactful message for a campaign. To see some of our work in practice, check out our work with The UN Refugee Agency, Amnesty International, Plan International, and Google.

We’re looking for someone who has a flair for research and insights, who thrives on variety, diversity and challenge , and who is passionate to work at a place where data-driven research is applied by a great team of strategists and creatives.

You will have an analytical mind that enjoys designing the right research methodology, be it via audience surveys, focus groups, social listening or desk research. Switching seamlessly from writing a survey questionnaire, to writing an insightful analysis, and rolling up your sleeves to gather creative inputs to inform new campaigns is no big deal for you (and don’t worry if you haven’t done all of the above before - we’ll train anyone who wants to learn).

Our briefs are always different and that makes the work interesting and exciting. But you can expect the role to involve a mix of the following:

  • Primary research: contributing to the development of various primary research studies – writing questionnaires, selecting the right audience, liaising with our sample providers for cost and availability of participants, building the studies using various research tools and supporting the team in focus groups or user testing sessions
  • Secondary research: leveraging the tools we have available, you will dig into existing datasets and research papers to find relevant insights, including social listening tools that allow you to monitor and analyse public online conversations, audience profiling tools that enable you to segment and understand the behaviours and attitudes of different groups of people, as well as desk research to understand the landscape or a new topic for our projects
  • Landscape and user journey mapping: conducting competitor analysis to identify trends and opportunities, or mapping the current user journey experience for a particular client or a channel to better understand the experience of our audiences and how to improve it
    Creative testing: supporting research designed to test between different various creative and messaging stimuli, often using Randomised Controlled Trials
  • Analysis and reporting: contributing to the analysis of quant and qual research data, and preparing reports and presentations for internal and client audiences
  • Insights & recommendations: synthesising findings and drawing attention to key insights, as well as recommendations for the internal and client teams
  • Wider project activities: participating in brainstorming sessions, client presentations, workshops and overall project delivery
  • Juggling multiple projects: supporting diverse range of teams and client briefs, prioritising effectively (with the help of your manager) and managing deadlines
  • Working collaboratively with other internal or external teams: be it other strategists, account directors, communications experts or analysts to make sure together we produce strategies, campaigns and creative ideas informed by data and research

At Blue State, diversity is a necessity, not a nice-to-have. We encourage those from underrepresented communities — women, people of color, LGBTQIA+, immigrants, indigenous folks, those with disabilities and people at all the intersections in between — to apply for this position. Even if you don’t feel like your current skill set checks every box, if you’re committed to learning and doing work that matters we want to hear from you.

The team

As part of the London Strategy & Insights team and the global Strategy team, you’ll work closely with a cross-disciplinary group of Blue State employee's on various projects. London is a small and close-knit team, where everyone has an opportunity to shape new approaches, grow and learn from their colleagues, and take advantage of a personal development fund to stretch their skills even further.

So, if you geek out over data, want to develop groundbreaking digital campaigns that will inspire and affect change, and work with people who are talented at and passionate about what they do, then let’s talk!

Top things we’re looking for

  • 1-2 or more years of hands-on experience in research, either in academic or professional context, where you’ve successfully designed and conducted research, analysed data and provided insights and recommendations based on it
  • A curious, organised, methodical, and proactive mind. You like to use substantiated data to both identify and solve problems, rather than trust your gut alone. And you can explain your work clearly both in person and in writing with strong communication skills.
  • Comfortable with data and numbers and able to interpret them. Data analysis skills in Excel or Google Sheets are essential, SPSS or R or other statistical programs are a plus, but if you’ve never used them don’t worry - if you have a keen analytical eye that’s all that matters.
  • Experience with statistical methods (significance testing, regression analysis, etc) and/or any programming languages (such as SQL, R or Python) is desirable. If you’re keen but haven't had the opportunity, we will be happy to train you!
  • Experience creating insights reports using social listening softwares like Brandwatch Consumer Insights and Sprinklr, or any other software using boolean queries - desirable
  • Open to opportunities to learn new methodologies and contribute to a growing, innovative research practice and a team of seasoned strategists always looking to improve and push the boundaries.
  • Passion or background in psychology, sociology, behavioural science and/or other relevant social sciences fields is a plus
  • Experience or interest in digital (websites, social media, and email marketing),content creation - desirable.
  • Experience working with charities and international nonprofits, like UNICEF, UNHCR, Plan International, or government departments to understand public behaviours and attitudes - desirable

Each person at Blue State has a yearly personal development budget to spend on training and upskilling - so if you think you have the right skills for this position, but you haven’t yet had a chance to train in certain programs or tools, that shouldn’t prevent you from applying. You just need to have a good foundation in at least one research methodology, and be eager and willing to learn the rest.

The company

Blue State is a values-led creative and campaigns agency that partners with leading causes, companies, and campaigns to build better organisations for a better world. We drive real change, make good trouble, put people first and are constantly curious.

We believe that there is no force more powerful than people taking collective action on the things they care about. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we know where to find them: in people. We listen, learn, and uncover new insights that often surprise us and our clients — and move us toward better results. Across clients including UNHCR, Amnesty International, Google, Tesco, Nesta, and Tate. We have offices in New York City, Washington DC, London, Oakland and Chicago.


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